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Even the Most Voluminous and High-Velocity Data Will Be Organized

Data analytics implies building an infrastructure for data aggregation, analysis, and reporting. 16+ years in data analytics services, Chen-Soft delivers tailored business analytics solutions and helps companies plan future actions based on historical insights.

Building Data Analytics Solutions for Different Domains

A data analytics company, Chen-Soft helps businesses from 30+ industries integrate, aggregate, and analyze various data types from multiple data sources to address their most ambitious needs at department and enterprise levels.

Manufacturing analytics

Overall equipment effectiveness analysis and optimization.
Manufacturing process quality optimization.
Equipment maintenance scheduling.
Power consumption forecasting and optimization.
Production loss root cause analysis.

Retail analytics

Retail business performance analysis, monitoring sales and profitability.
Demand analysis and forecasting.
Multi-echelon inventory optimization.
Assortment and merchandising planning and optimization.
Data-driven recommendations on optimal product promotion activities.

Transportation and logistics analytics

Operational capacity planning and optimization based on the analysis of incoming shipments, customer delivery schedules, vehicles availability, and personnel shift schedules. Predictive analytics for vehicle maintenance (failure prediction, recommendation of maintenance actions, etc.). Vehicle demand forecasting. Predicting optimal amounts of fuel needed based on the analysis of driving patterns. IoT data analytics (data on cargo temperature, humidity, etc.; data on driver behavior, data on vehicle condition, etc.) for safe cargo delivery.