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What is approval workflow software?

Approval workflow software simplifies and optimizes how approvals are requested, processed, and tracked within an organization. It allows for faster decision-making and reduces bottlenecks.

An approval workflow in action

A simple process like expense reports can involve many people and require multiple approvals

Submission of report to the head

Review of the submitted report

Either approve or send it back for changes

Once approved, forward to the finance team

Either approve or request for changes

Forward to the payments team to process payment

The need for approval workflow software

Without approval workflow software, processes can be inefficient, inaccurate, and time-intensive. Streamline simple to complex approval processes, making it easier to manage and accelerating project output.


Accelerate decision-making and reduce approval delays and dependencies


Minimize errors and ensure compliance with standardized approval processes


Gain real-time insights into approval progress and bottlenecks


Organize tasks, save time and increase approval effectiveness