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Make better enterprise decision based on actual data and not on intuitions, with Drag and Analyze feature of our Business Intelligence ERP Solution. Relish the use of mouse to simply drag and drop, to get the desired reports to the desired deep level. With this futuristic tool, identify trends and weaknesses, and discover opportunities so that right actions can be taken on them at the right time. BatchMaster’s Drag and Analyze is a comprehensive and fully integrated tool that makes the available data meaningful and communicative. Quickly respond to fluctuating business conditions and gain enhanced revenues by molding changing business conditions into effective conclusions.

Our Business Intelligence ERP system renders an innovative tool vital to evaluate and account huge volumes of transactional data. Gaining full insight over all the retained data ensures definite customer satisfaction with considerably reduced costs. By and large, overcome the need of customization to build the report and then analyze the data. Discover hidden trends as Drag and Analyze offers the capabilities to promptly drill down into your data to observe situations that would otherwise remain unrecognized.

Evaluate customer wise sales for each quarter of the year or summarize product sales by inventory levels, just by dragging the sales figures with inventory counts in the analysis board. Now, conveniently change and organize the data acquired; for instance exhibit data about products sales in third quarter or match sales in the first half of the year with sales in individual quarters. Drag and Analyze endows you with all the elementary tools to accomplish such desires effortlessly.

  • As a Business Intelligence (BI) Solution, it gathers data from all over the enterprise and present it in the form that can be used for analysis.
  • Build tailored summaries and reports that can be viewed in the form of graphs and charts.
  • Readily change the way the data is displayed and organized.
  • Analyze business data dynamically in few seconds.
  • Outputs stored as query thus can be viewed or extended in future.
  • Export data in excel format, without losing the consistency and accuracy.
  • Perform filtering and totaling to meet any comprehensive reporting on your data.