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Innovation is the key to success. By continuously improving the existing products and developing new ones based on customer requirements, manufacturers can stay ahead of the competition and maintain a competitive advantage.

At the bottom, continuous innovation is an approach that encourages businesses to continuously create, test, and refine new ideas. It is an ongoing cycle of iterations, with a goal of developing and delivering substantial products against customers’ requirements.

This approach will eventually lead to better customer loyalty, higher revenue, and improved returns on investment. However, innovation demands extensive research, and companies often fail to keep research activities ongoing along with their day-to-day operations. The companies even struggle to keep the research data and daily operations data segregated, which leads to inefficiencies and data management issues.

This is where the need for a dedicated system like PPD arises. However, not just any system will suffice—enter ChenSoft’s New Product Planning & Development System (PPD), a comprehensive solution poised to elevate your competitive edge. It responsibly manages the entire lifecycle of a new product right from the initial concept to research or designing, prototyping, testing, and ultimately conceptualizing it by:

  • Gathering requirements from prospects/customers
  • Conducting R&D and nutritional/physical analyses to derive precise recipes
  • Creating lab batches for sample production
  • Performing cost and profit analysis
  • Managing all communications and approvals for samples
  • Procuring necessary materials
  • Updating the innovated formulas/recipes and ingredients in the main database upon approval and more.

PPD is one software you need to Shorten Time-to-Market

The comprehensiveness and exclusive features of our Product Planing & Development software support not just research and development, but way beyond to project management, sample management, cost and physical property analysis and more, which make it stand apart from other alternatives available in the market today.

Bring your researchers, clients and partners on a single page

This Lab Formulation software is a common platform where your researchers, R&D teams, Marketing teams, etc. can collaborate together to bring out the innovative product.

  • Store all new product requests, be it from customers, market research, sales & marketing teams, innovation departments, competitor analysis, or internal idea generation
  • Create different projects for the requests and track them from start to finish and everything in between
  • Enter briefs or expectations such as product specifications, basic nature, physical and chemical attributes etc. received from the customers, or internal teams.
  • Associate all the docs and samples received from and sent to the customer
  • Maintain additional information such as the number of samples created, and quantities sent to customers for approval, etc.
  • Receive quotations and samples of materials from vendors
  • Record all customer conversations done through Phone, e-mails, or any documents